Sinus Infections And Similar Conditions

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There are several conditions that are very similar to sinus infections. This is because the symptoms are very similar to one another, and sometimes are even exactly the same. A runny nose and the overproduction of mucus can both be encountered when dealing with colds and sinus infections. Coughing and having a sore throat may be due to bronchitis, but these are also symptoms of sinus infections. Allergies can lead to the same set of symptoms as those of sinusitis, particularly swelling of the face and difficulty in breathing.


Did you know that simple common colds can develop into full-blown sinusitis? A cold is one of those conditions that can easily be confused with sinus infections. But even as you see how alike they are, they are to be treated differently. Colds are usually caused by viruses, which will linger for awhile in your system, and you cannot really make them go away. That is why when you have colds, you just have to bear with your condition by taking steps to temporarily relieve your symptoms. For sinus infections, you can choose to target the source of your troubles, and get rid of them accordingly. Bacteria, fungi and other foreign bodies that inhabit the sinuses can be eliminated by taking medications and performing nasal and sinus cleansing procedures. Symptoms can also be addressed, but until the root cause is not dealt with, symptoms may just come back to bother you.


An inflammation of the passageways in the lungs is referred to as bronchitis. This can be caused by bacteria, and irritants that you inhale, like smoke and fumes. Bronchitis often comes with other respiratory conditions like sinus infections. Shortness of breath and severe coughing should be brought to the attention of your doctor, especially when experienced for a long period of time. Just like in the case of sinus infections, treatment should be directed towards solving the root problem. But if you want immediate relief from symptoms such as dry cough and congested airways, you can try over the counter mucolytics and cough expectorants. Steam treatment can also soothe the respiratory tracts and provide ease to your overworked system.


Being prone to having allergy attacks only makes you prone to other aggravations as well, like sinus infections. When allergens cause inflammation and swelling, the sinuses produce excess mucus that can lead to or worsen chronic sinusitis.  Fortunately, even if you have to deal with both allergies and sinus infections, you may have the option of treating them simultaneously with just one comprehensive treatment program. There are drugs that can be prescribed to take care of sinus and nasal inflammation. Antihistamines are used for reducing the swelling that caused your other symptoms. As for these other symptoms, you can apply any of the suggestions above for temporary relief.

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Sinus Infections And Similar Conditions

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This article was published on 2010/03/26